“Sometimes Life seems to be all about – The Red Lipstick, The Red Nail Paint and The Red Dress!”

Shopping …..Oh la la – A word that brings smile to a women’s face (Well not always, but mostly :)) . The fairy Tale World of Shopping works like a Magical enchantment to lift the spirits and alleviate your mood!

So here’s for all ya ladies , a 5-point theory on shopping – “Shopolicious”…

Type-1: Window Shopping
Well we all know this type – When we are bored or money a lil tight, this form of shopping works like magic to cheer us up.
You get to know the market trends – what’s in and what’s out; get updated with the upcoming sales and new stock events.
Your boy friend/husband will NOT get bored to wait, as you dance in and out of the fitting room.
It gives you a feeling of contentment without even shedding a buck.
Only drawback is, after returning home you feel drained out not because you are physically tired but because you are empty handed.
But on the positive side, you update your “wishlist” before going to bed and promise to mind your expenses for that lovely COACH bag or the LIGHT BLUE D&G perfume you just experienced today.

Type 2: Helpful Shopping
“Hey Can you help find me a Perfect Dress for the evening?”
“C’mon I need your opinion.”
Sounds familiar? Well this type of Shopping is to help your Friends and Family with their piece of shopping. You’re considered an experienced Shopper (King of the Jungle) and your opinion counts. Again like Window Shopping it is an Inexpensive, Guilt-free soul enriching experience! And like window shopping when you don’t buy anything for yourself, you get exhausted but those sweet “ThankYou’s” and the charm on the faces of people you shopped for, make it’s a wonderful experience and a “Time Well Spent” activity.

Type-3: Compulsive Shopping
When the world seems upside down and the going gets rough, there’s nothing that can raise your spirits except “Shopping” and so you are “compelled” to shop!
Without even glancing at your credit card statements you get ready and march to your favorite shopping avenue.
You buy this, you buy that; this makes you look thin and this does not look bad.
The end result is that you buy everything that you like but don’t necessarily need!
When you glance at the bills you don’t care, because you had a wonderful time and you are very happy and contended!
“Honey! Why don’t I cook something special for you!!” (You see this one actually works)

Type 4: Mandatory Shopping
This one is NOT my favorite and is pretty much a mundane task sometimes. The monthly groceries, condiments etc fall into this category. Sometimes we just wish the money spend on this one could be utilized better for all other forms of Shopping 😉 LOL

Type 5: Wishful Shopping
This type is buying everything you “like” and have been wishing for.
This “Wishlist” is actually the byproduct of Type 1 a.ka. Window shopping.
It’s carefully calculated and planned. You know where to go, what to buy and for how much!
It’s something you are never sorry for and is time & money well spent.
This gives you a unique sense of achievement and makes you proud for reaching your goals.
WHOA I finally got that GUCCI Dress and the PRADA Clutch!
Trust me your boy friends/ husband wouldn’t ever mind this type 😉
Shopping has its own Charm and Glory and sometimes it’s all the only Medicine you need to bust all your stress. So gurlz what are you waiting for – Lets go Shopping 🙂

Fly Free under the Blue Sky

As I sat down to pen something today, I thought can we really “Fly Free under the Blue Sky”? Not literally, but in essence do we feel free? I guess that again depends on how we define our freedom. Is it just having free time, feeling liberated or freedom of rights?

I am not going to talk on the mundane side of it, but decided to write about the first aspect – feeling free. So when do we actually feel free? The most obvious answer would be – On a Vacation. Our mind is relaxed and we are away from our daily monotonous tasks.
Now let me ask – Do we really feel free on a vacation? While most of us might reply ‘Yes’ instantaneously, the truth is in this tech savvy era we are never free- thanks a lot to our cell phone and tablets.

Not counting the James Bond (location surveillance) aspect of our cell phones, we are still interrupted by calls at dinner tables; the urgent emails from work, oh yeah the Facebook, What’s app, Instagram notifications and what not. Even if we decide to ignore those updates, the “Social Media Ghost” still lingers over and is present in our each and every Happy moment forcing us to click and share!
Active dinner Table conversations seem like distant past –
Oh Let me do a check in, 
Do I find any coupons, 
Let me look for tips and suggestions, 
Wow! Let me click the food, 
We really got to take a Selfie.
Biologically our Eyes need downtime from what I call the “Screen Fairy”. Our body craves to be free.
Free to feel the morning whispers, free to feel the precious raindrops, free to breathe the cool breeze, free to relax in the water, free to listen to the humming birds, free to be ourselves.
Ancient sages have said, when the mind is free, one can meet thy consciousness and actually learn more about oneself! Let’s take some time and give ourselves the gift of this freedom, and then we can truly fly free under the Sky!